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Learning From Tiny Living in Tokyo

By Yuri Loudon | Dec 3, 2018

   Sometimes, late at night, I like to just innocently peruse Google Flights maps to see if there happen to be any really spectacular, too-good-to-pass-up, dirt cheap flights to somewhere cool. It’s dangerous, but exciting, and it’s generally “just browsing”, but a few weeks ago I found unbelievable prices to Tokyo over Thanksgiving, and 2 […]

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Cozy Cottage in West Seattle $405K

By Yuri Loudon | Oct 17, 2018

     I love this little Highland Park house!  Because it’s tucked away from the street on a private, fully fenced, large lot, this home feels like a cozy cabin in the trees (complete with a fire pit and a mini-barn style shed!), yet it has easy freeway access, and is a short commute to Seattle.  Listed […]

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You’ve Got a House…Now Clean It!

By Yuri Loudon | Oct 4, 2018

In this transitional time of year when I start pulling sweaters out of storage, making soups, and staying cozy indoors, I always find myself thinking both “Wait, what?  Where did the summer go?!” and “Holy crap, I don’t know where it went, but I know that I wasn’t spending it doing housework, that’s for sure….”  […]

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Get Artsy in Tacoma This Winter

By Yuri Loudon | Sep 12, 2018

I LOVE the fall in the Pacific Northwest.  Sunny days with that crisp bite, squash everything, hot toddies, state fairs, cozy sweaters…bring it! But of course, it’s only fall for a couple of months, and then we enter the seemingly endless dreary days of gray and damp and yuck. What is there to do when […]

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3 Bed/1 Bath North End Cutie! Close (but not TOO close) to 6th Ave!

By Yuri Loudon | Aug 10, 2018

3 Bed/1 Bath listed at $325,000, this North End Home is ADORABLE!!! It’s located in a perfect spot close enough to walk to 6th Ave but avoid busy bar noise, and is also just a few minutes to drive (and really, not too far to walk) to the Proctor or Stadium areas.  It’s also a […]

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Vegetarian Food in Tacoma!

By Yuri Loudon | Jun 5, 2018

I’ve been an ovo-lacto vegetarian for upwards of 23 years now and at this point, I’m used to going out to eat and settling for grilled cheese sandwiches, mediocre veggie burgers, and plain ole’ garden salads.  All perfectly fine foods, but I’ve been compiling a list of Tacoma restaurants that offer better than “fine” vegetarian […]

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It’s Not Too Late to Start Your Garden!

By Yuri Loudon | May 3, 2018

No matter the size of your garden, even if it’s just a couple of pots sitting on your porch, the Pacific Northwest has great weather to grow a very large variety of veggies and herbs.  We have such nice, moderate temperatures, sunny summers, and good soil.  With a little planning and research, you can harvest […]

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Tacoma Just Got More Fun: Alma Mater Grand Opening!

By Yuri Loudon | Apr 23, 2018

As one of the multitudes of ex-Seattleites now happily living in Tacoma, I love so many things about this city. Less traffic, friendlier people, PARKING, more space, affordability, amazing parks, beautiful views….the list could continue foreverrrr.  However, there are a couple of things I miss about Seattle, and the main one is the lack of […]

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