Vegetarian Food in Tacoma!

I’ve been an ovo-lacto vegetarian for upwards of 23 years now and at this point, I’m used to going out to eat and settling for grilled cheese sandwiches, mediocre veggie burgers, and plain ole’ garden salads.  All perfectly fine foods, but I’ve been compiling a list of Tacoma restaurants that offer better than “fine” vegetarian options as well as delicious meaty choices so that when someone wants to meet for a meal, everyone wins!  Keep in mind that these are only a few of my favorite spots, and that I’ll probably do another post including more restaurants soon!  I’m pleased to report that a lot of menus around town have been updated lately with attention to vegetarians.

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  1.  Top of Tacoma:  This is my favorite spot in the city for any meal.  At breakfast, I go for the tofu scramble or breakfast burrito with soyrizo (it’s HUGE), and for lunch or dinner my personal favorites are the black bean and quinoa quesadilla, the Moroccan quinoa salad, or one of their many amazing veggie sandwiches.  Plus, their happy hour is insane.
  2. 1111: I love the vegan melt!!  And I’m not even a vegan!  I just went to lunch here today and am pleased to report that they have a brand new menu that includes a bunch more vegetarian/vegan option, including a rueben and a buffalo “chicken” salad with vegan ranch dressing!  Dreams really do come true.
  3. El Borracho:  Full disclosure- I have only eaten here once, but the chipotle mushroom nachos were on point!  I opted for regular cheese, but I hear the the vegan cheese is surprisingly delicious!  Also, tequila.
  4. En Rama:  The pasta here is incredible and there are always veg options!  Truthfully, I mostly go for the crazy good cocktail menu.  Luckily booze is vegetarian!
  5. Indo:  You might look at the menu and feel like there are only one or two meat-free entrees, but at Indo they are extremely accommodating and are happy to replace chicken or beef with tofu.  I’m partial to the Kao Soi, and for a starter, the edamame and kale dumplings are ridiculous!
  6. Vien Dong My favorite pho in the city!  They have a vegetarian broth, and it’s full of bok choy, carrots, tofu, broccoli, and onions. Perfect with about half a cup of sriracha! (I like it spiiiiiiicy)
  7. Red Hot:  Vegan hot dogs, WUT!?  Yes!!! They will let you get any of their dogs with with a vegan sausage, plus their beer is meat-free too!
  8. Ho Soon Yi:  There aren’t a ton of options here, but if you are a fan of Korean soft tofu soup and/or kimchi, you gotta head down South Tacoma Way to check out this place.  The people that work here are so nice, the soup is bubbling hot and super savory, and every meal comes with a tiny buffet of pickled vegetables.  Afterwards, go to The Mule and get yourself a daquiri, because pickles are salty and you’ll probably be real thirsty.

Please let me know if you have had any other stellar vegetarian meals around town, I’m always down to try a new restaurant!  Eating is fun!

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