Tacoma Just Got More Fun: Alma Mater Grand Opening!

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As one of the multitudes of ex-Seattleites now happily living in Tacoma, I love so many things about this city. Less traffic, friendlier people, PARKING, more space, affordability, amazing parks, beautiful views….the list could continue foreverrrr.  However, there are a couple of things I miss about Seattle, and the main one is the lack of music venues here that attract mid-size, out of town bands.  We’ve got the Tacoma Dome for gigantic productions, and I love going to The Valley, New Frontier, and Jazzbones for local shows, but I was finding myself commuting up to Seattle more than I wanted to (did I mention traffic and parking?!) to see live music.

Lucha Volcanica: I’m a new lucha libre fan!

But alas!  Dreams really do come true: Alma Mater had their grand opening festivities this weekend and for a music fan living south of Seattle, it’s a real game changer.  Opening weekend featured DJs and dancing, musical performances, art installations, an all-female marching band, burlesque, and lucha libre!  The space itself is gorgeous-a huge multi-faceted buildout has changed this non-descript downtown building into a beautiful and inviting venue, restaurant and coffee shop (called Honey and open everyday for brunch!), and mini-park with an outdoor stage!  Renovations are still continuing and in the end, Alma Mater will house, among other things, a lounge, an artist workspace, event space, and a recording studio.

There are only a couple of events planned so far, but in the coming months I can’t wait to see what they book and am so excited for Tacoma.  For artists, musicians, and fans, this is such a phenomenal place!


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